Redwood lumber is beautiful, versatile and sustainable.  When you design and build with redwood, you capture the natural beauty and unique properties of this softwood. Redwood is prized not only for its exceptional beauty, but for its ease of workability, excellent stability, and its natural resistance to decay and termites.

At our sawmill we make many grades of redwood in both architectural and garden grades. One of the advantages of Big Creek Lumber redwood is that we can custom mill to the specifications of architects.

We can custom make beams from 6” x 6” up to 24” x 24” and we offer beams up to 24 feet. Our sawmill can mill longer beams on a special order basis.


With its natural beauty and durability, redwood is a great choice when you want a project to stand out. The most common uses of redwood are for fencing, decking and trellis. There are many other applications for redwood including gorgeous siding and creating a shiplap accent wall. Or what about a statement beam inside of a structure?

Redwood is the perfect outdoor accent piece that will set your design apart from the rest. It is a beautiful material to build a gazebo, shade structure or garden beds. Below is some additional information on the different grades of redwood and the best applications for each.

Architectural Grades

The architectural grades of redwood include Clear All Heart, Clear, Heart Clear, Heart B and B Grade. There is no other wood that equals these finish grades in beauty and dimensional stability. These materials are the choice grades for siding, paneling, trim and cabinetry where attractiveness and tight joinery are desired.

Garden Grades

The garden grades of redwood include Construction Heart, Construction Common, Merchantable Heart and Merchantable, and are offered seasoned or unseasoned. They are frequently specified for decks, fences and garden structures where knots or other characteristics have little or no effect on the structural integrity. For uses where the wood will be on or near soil, such as posts, bulkheads or patios, it’s essential to use one of the durable, heartwood grades—Clear All Heart, Heart B, Construction Heart or Merchantable Heart.

For construction above ground where there is little danger of insect or decay problems, one of the sapwood containing grades—Clear, B Grade, Construction Common or Merchantable—will serve handsomely.

Redwood is also recognized for its fire resistance and has performed well in flame-spread and heat release lab tests.

Below are some links to reference guides that will help you design the redwood project of your customer’s dreams.

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