“Old Railroad House”

Holly Naylor, Big Creek Customer

I introduced myself to Gary and the staff at the Paso Robles Big Creek about 2 1/2 years ago.  I bought a 1942 old “railroad” house that needed a lot love and lots of building materials:  nails, screws, siding, shingles, decking, studs, posts, concrete, Simpson Ties, etc.

All the crew are always glad to see me.  The fork lift drivers are always right there when I need to load up my little Matrix.  One said to me, “If I win the lottery, I’m going to buy you a pick-up truck.”  I can fit a 10 foot board in my car, and the crew is more than happy to cut it for me.

Project Description:
I used the leftover lumber from building a deck. I hand cut the corner corbels out of the tail ends of 2 x 6 clear heart redwood left over from my deck. The rails are double sided with ripped 2 x 6 clear heart redwood.  The posts are 4 x 4 clear heart redwood.  The wire was salvaged from an old fence in the backyard that runs next to the railroad tracks.  The gate was built on a rainy afternoon in my kitchen. You’ll see my home and labor of love before and after!

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