Redwood Timber Construction

Inside of a Redwood Barn

Builder: Karl Bareis, Owner and Builder, Santa Cruz Timberframes

Project Description: Redwood Timber Construction – Santa Cruz Timberframes

What’s old has become new. From before the United States became a country, the use of sawn and split timbers for construction was widely used. Amazingly, a number of these structures still stand.

Karl Bareis and his company, Santa Cruz Timberframes are reviving this method of construction.

From Karl: “Buildings in the past were designed to be constructed and held together with wooden pins, or joined with mortises & tenons–large timbers were joined rather than nailed. The tests of time have proven that buildings built without nails actually last longer and are more easily taken apart and re-built by simply replacing pins. Timber framing is a resilient way to build in earthquake country.”​

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