Arbor Day Tree Giveaway Announced for Friday, April 24th

Free Redwood Trees – Big Creek Lumber has announced an Arbor Day redwood tree seedling giveaway at all five retail yards (while supplies last). This continues Big Creek’s history of excellent forestry stewardship which includes planting hundreds of thousands of trees on the Central Coast since the company was founded in 1946.

After 69 years in business, Co-Founders Bud and Lud McCrary’s proudest forestry accomplishment is that the forests of the Santa Cruz Mountains are in better health today than when they first started logging. “I’m gratified that since 1968 when Dale Holderman (Big Creek’s former Chief Forester) and I created new harvesting standards for Big Creek, our local forests have improved dramatically. Our standards have become rules for the central coast of California and now much of California, thus producing the beautiful forests you see today,” stated Bud McCrary, Co-Founder of Big Creek Lumber. From the stump of the first tree that Lud McCrary cut by hand sprouts a 30-inch diameter, 150 foot tall redwood. “It’s exciting to see how quickly the forest has responded to our management practices,” shared Bud McCrary.

Big Creek’s goal is to continue managing forests for future generations to come. They’ve been advocates for education and every year they host hundreds of students, educators, industry representatives, scientists and customers on fieldtrips to understand forestry, tour their mill and empower individuals to become their own stewards of the environment. “It’s really cool to have adults who planted redwood trees as little Cub Scouts, check on the significant growth of the same trees over the years; they seem to take pride and ownership of their tree for years”, shared Bob Reynolds, Operations Forester at Big Creek Lumber and Registered Professional Forester #2636.The redwood seedlings are ready to be planted and include instructions and tips on how to plant and care for the trees.

Participating Branches:

Santa Cruz
2801 Soquel Avenue

1400 W. Beach Street

Half Moon Bay
111 Main Street

Paso Robles
745 Riverside Avenue

2050 Industrial Road


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