July 2022

Fabian Rodriguez, Contractor Sales, Watsonville

Man with hat in big creek

How long have you worked at Big Creek? Three years now.

What is your favorite part of working for Big Creek? My favorite part of working for Big Creek is the family-like atmosphere and also working with customers to assist them with their projects.

What is your favorite product that we sell? My favorite product that we sell is our locally grown and harvested redwood.

What do you like to do for fun? I like to spend time with my family, work on home projects and travel.

Leadership Santa Cruz County

People at picnic tables listening to a presentation in a rustic setting

On June 3rd Big Creek Lumber hosted the Leadership Santa Cruz County (LSCC) class. Big Creek has sponsored this great organization for decades.

Here is what LSCC Executive Director Trudie Ransom had to say about their visit: “Thank you for the fabulous lunch at your beautiful ranch. It was wonderful to meet you all, and I was amazed that we were able to get the bus there! We were all enthralled to learn how Big Creek Lumber works to protect the environment and clearing the burnt trees. You certainly have your work cut out, and hope that we don’t have a big fire this year. Your tour is always a special day for the last day of LSCC class and it certainly was for Class 35.”

Market Report

The Green Douglas Fir market has found a trading level on some items. Look for this market to bounce up and down in July. Both OSB and Plywood markets are still soft. They should find stabilized levels in the next few weeks.


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