School Garden Bed Grant Program – NOW Accepting Applications

Kid's sitting with lumber and a garden bed grant donation Big Creek Lumber Company is thrilled to announce our School Garden Grant Program for 2023. This annual program supports students education and grows gardens!

These redwood garden beds provide opportunities for students and teachers to learn about plant biology, to discuss how food is grown, and to learn about the interaction between plants, water and sunshine. Students may also be able to assist in the construction of the garden beds.

The main construction material for the garden beds is redwood lumber sourced from local forests and harvested in a sustainable and renewable manner. The garden beds also create an opportunity for teachers to discuss where the products we use come from and the implications of their use.

While Big Creek Lumber has randomly donated hundreds of garden beds to schools and is happy to continue the tradition, we now offer the garden beds as an annual application process. Marketing Manager Michelle Webb shared, “Since we’ve started our formal grant program, we have donated over 50 garden bed kits to schools. Experiencing the excitement of the students and staff when we deliver the garden bed kits is the most fulfilling part of my job. These students will get to learn carpentry, math, how to grow food and about healthy eating through this program. It is an honor to carry on a tradition of donating garden beds to our communities.”

Schools are encouraged to apply every year and recipient schools may apply again two years later.

Applications are available on Big Creek’s website;


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